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The Dallas Morning News
February 16, 1998
By John H. Dockerill
The Auto Shop Leads the Industry in Recycling
One of the most difficult problems faced by every auto repair facility is the disposal of waste products. The environmentally concerned consumer should ensure that their repair facility uses proper disposal techniques. Since our inception in 1981, The Auto Shop has been a leader in the proper disposal of waste products. As regulations become more stringent we intend to remain at the forefront of environmental protection.

The oldest and most common recycling occurs with petroleum based products. For years these liquids have been collected by repair shops and then picked up by oil recovery services that either transport the waste to a refinery or perform the refining themselves. Once it is refined with fresh additives the oil is just as good as newly refined oil.

At The Auto Shop, we collect our petroleum based products in a 600 gallon tank that is periodically emptied by a service. In addition, we crush each oil filter to approximately 20% of their original volume. This does two things; reduces the total volume of waste and squeezes much of the remaining oil out of the filter for further collection.

In conjunction with the government banning a particular type of automotive refrigerant called R-12, The Auto Shop instituted its own recycling program. Special equipment has been purchased which evacuates the complete AC system before beginning any repairs. Once the refrigerant is removed, it is recycled and renewed by the machine. Upon completion of repairs the same refrigerant can be returned to the vehicle.

The greatest advancement has come with The Auto Shop gaining the ability to recycle its antifreeze/coolant. We have three machines specially designed to process the used coolant. The result of the distillation process is distilled water, pure ethylene glycol and contaminants. Additives are mixed into the glycol, resulting in brand new antifreeze/coolant. The distilled water is recycled into mop water and used as a mixing agent to create a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze/coolant. The contaminants are processed again creating more glycol and a final batch of petroleum based waste.

The largest volume of waste generated by The Auto Shop is dirty mop water. Yes, we collect and process our mop water. This water becomes oil laden and is not permitted to be disposed of into the sanitary sewer system. Using a series of 275 gallon tanks we store the mop water for several weeks during which the oil separates from the water and rises to the surface. We then use an oil skimming device to remove the oil from the surface. The water can now be disposed of in a normal way

The Auto Shop is the leader in providing quality auto repair services. Our commitment to the environment is an example of our dedication to provide superior service to our customers.

The Auto Shop is open Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The 35,000 sq. ft. facility is located at the SE corner of Plano Parkway and Jupiter Road. A shuttle service is available and discount rental cars are available. The phone number is 972-578-0588 and their website is Kezhaya encourages customers to drop by and tour the facility. Check out The Auto Shop before committing to your next service.


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