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November 23, 1995
By Sally Gruss
Technicians Earn High Repair Certifications
Technicians are the ones that get to the heart of the matter when it comes to getting your car fixed.

For your personal car repair you want the best. So you want a technician who's highly qualified, well trained, skilled in all the complexities that make today's cars run.

That's why you'll choose The Auto Shop at 2560 E Plano Parkway, never too far away when it comes to servicing and repairing your car.

That's where you'll find the skilled technicians.

There's a staff of ten technicians at The Auto Shop all ASE certified and ready to get under your car hood and analyze problems, determine solutions and repair your car. Quickly and courteously.

The white shirts and ties of the service representatives who greet you with a friendly welcome as you come in the door offer more evidence of the professional atmosphere at The Auto Shop. They work directly with the technical staff approving all work before customers are called. Their white shirts merely offer more evidence of the professionalism there. It's also the sign of a meticulously run shop.

It's the only approved auto repair facility in Collin county that is AAA rated by the Automobile Association of America. Also, The Auto Shop has won the prestigious Harte-Hanks Reader's choice award two years in a row, 1994 and 1995.

The awards are the result of The Auto Sop's commitment to excellence in every area of service to the customer and the diligence given to all details of car care utilizing all the technical expertise at hand.

The Auto Shop owner/operator Jerry Kezhaya is extremely proud of his crew. Kezhaya, himself is a twice recertified master technician, which means he is twice ASE certified in eight car service categories. He knows what it takes to pass the tests, to earn the certifications which he explains "takes a minimum of two years for just one certification."

The Auto Shop's lead technician has a double master ASE certification which means he is certified in both auto and medium/heavy truck categories.

The ASE certification of the technicians is not gained easily. Statistics show that fully 70 percent of the first time test takers fail when they take the initial testing for the L-1 rating, Kezhaya explains. All four of the latest test-taking auto Shop technicians passed the test with flying colors on the first try.

Kezhaya points out that more and more drivers are demanding speedy auto and truck repairs, especially when busy schedules leave no time for repeated visits. He notes that people want competent service, so they turn to a shop that employs ASE-certified technicians and master technicians.

Now, motorists have yet another reason to look for ASE certified technicians. Under the recent amendments to the Clean Air Act, states must comply with new inspection and maintenance regulations. Repair of vehicles to meet the standards is requiring "authorized technicians." Who qualifies as an "authorized technician" has not yet been defined, but the industry is turning to ASE to meet this requirement.

As these committed professionals know, more complex vehicles require highly trained and knowledgeable technicians. Registrations for ASE certifications have been steadily increasing . Over 350,000 automotive technicians throughout the nation are now ASE certified.

They're all certified at The Auto Shop.

The Auto Shop technicians draw on their extensive information banks, instantly available to them through the shop computers. They can keep up to date on all changes, technical service bulletins and recall letters. A large video library of auto system workings are also available to the technical staff and if interested to clients, also.

Another unique feature of The Auto Shop is that it is up to date with its automotive technology. One example of Kezhaya's investment in the best of machinery, is the new Hunter Alignment System, a $65,000 computer assisted machine that records automobile wheel measurements within one-one-hundredth degree of accuracy.

"We can do a real four wheel alignment now," Kezhaya says of the Hunter Alignment System machine's capabilities. "Most alignments are measured from the front wheels, they don't measure across the back wheels," he explains. This amazing machine measures each wheel using radio frequency waves, a manner that suggests "Star Wars" technology.

Kezhaya is always updating his operation: a 35,2000 square-foot facility, with 63 bays for auto care ,sparkling clean offices, waiting areas, restrooms and kitchen. Currently he's installing three new hydraulic lifts to make a total of 13 for the shop.

All of this is taken into consideration by the six to seven hundred clients a month who come to The Auto Shop for their car repair needs. Each one is given a questionnaire card to fill out regarding the standard of service given.

In four years of thousands of customer service card returns only nine clients noted that they would not return, Kezhaya notes.

The cards are mailed to AAA's Houston office for record keeping and accounting and used for rating the operation. In this way the AAA monitors service and customer satisfaction. The Auto Shop continues to get the highest ratings, continually earning and retaining the AAA stamp of approval.

"It's what we do and we do it well," Kezhaya concludes.

The Auto Shop is located at 2650 E. Plano Parkway. Call 578-0588 for further information.


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